Network Members

The We are Higher Education network already embraces thousands of staff and students that are highly active across the UK in campaigning and direct action as well as leading a variety of initiatives with the radical transformation of their Institutions as their explicit aim. This network, which is a collective enterprise, operates to bind these groups together with the aim of transforming the HE sector as a whole.

This includes a wide range of staff and students, often standing for large and well-organised groups within those institutions, from HEIs across the UK. These include UCL, SOAS, Cardiff, Aberdeen, Manchester, Stirling, Dundee, Brighton, Newcastle, Sussex, Essex, Exeter, Strathclyde, Edinburgh, Queen Margaret, West of Scotland, Nottingham, Sheffield, Glasgow, Warwick, Belfast, Goldsmiths, Coventry, City London, York, Oxford, Liverpool, Manchester Metropolitan, Lincoln, as well as well-established University campaign groups and independent researchers with policy expertise in the HE sector.