Our work

The aim of this initiative is to create an extensive democratic grassroots network that is capable of collectively transforming the Higher Education sector. The questions of how the higher education sector is run, and the specific ends it should serve, are ones that we believe should be informed by all those engaged in higher education service. With this end in sight, the immediate work of those already engaged in this network consists of:

  1. Helping to initiate a sector-wide conversation around ‘University of the Future’ in order to inform the question of how Higher Education Institutions can and should be transformed – we will be working together to create an event series that runs across the UK in which all University staff and students are invited to take part;
  2. Communicating and sharing knowledge across the sector via a series of ‘tool-kits’ – these tool-kits speak to a range of staff and student-led initiatives/ local action being taken within different universities where the aim has been to transform governance structures so that Universities are governed democratically rather than ‘top down’;
  3. Creating wider awareness that change is possible both within institutions and across the sector as a whole. Join our Open Mapping HEUK Activism initiative. Many of the groups within this initiative have grown organically in a short time, are now well populated and actively engaged in work that is powerfully transforming the governance structures of their institutions;
  4. Helping to binds academics, professional service staff and students together in reclaiming decision-making within HEIs, and playing a far greater role in defining the policy and political terrain of the HE sector.

We seek to stand together to make our voices heard and to work together to shape the future of Higher Education. Join us at We are Higher Education. Please use our contact form if you would like to become an active contributor to the network (whether in sharing ideas via toolkits or other activities), or if you seek help to mobilise groups within your University.