Mapping HEUK Activism via Uebermaps

We are Higher Education is a fast-growing grassroots initiative which has the aim of creating a powerful network that embraces all academics, professional service staff and students in universities across the United Kingdom. Many members of this network are  already engaged in a range of activities and initiatives designed to transform their own institutions’ governance structures.

Alongside sharing ideas and resources, as well as details of events and mapping the growing HE activist movement, this network seeks to unite and mobilise workers and students across the UK to collectively work towards sector-wide transformation as a whole.

The network is a collective enterprise where all of our voices matter. We recognise that together we possess a wealth of expertise in and understanding of higher education. We want to draw on this valuable and largely untapped source of knowledge and ideas for how universities can and should transform in order to respond to a wide range of challenges and needs. We will work together to make our experiences and views heard with the ultimate goal of collaboratively shaping the future of higher education.